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Co-Polymer Crush Resistant Hose

Co-Polymer Crush Resistant Hose

With a solid reputation in the commercial hose industry, Amflex’ co-polymer crush resistant hoses have a rugged, flexible design, and are known for their superior quality and distinguised by their unique interior blue lining. Working from customer-supplied specifications, the manufacturing process begins in a state-of-the-art extruder, where the outer shell is fabricated from a co-polymer blend specially formulated to withstand the rigors of truck-mounted applications. The liner, made from a proprietaryn blend of chemically-resistant polyolefin is applied, and the hose is then transferred to the spiral wound department, where these are made in lengths up to 100′.

Manufacturing of the hoses’ inner diameter was 2.0″, with an outer diameter of 2.48″. These hoses are inspected in the hose-winding line to ensure they are within tight ±.005″ tolerances. The process is finished by applying the specific ends to meet customer needs, with an end result of a durable hose with an outstanding service lifetime.

Available in a wide variety of colors, as well as customizable colors, Amflex’s hoses can be manufactured to exact specifications in 4-7 days, and shipped nationwide.

For more information on our co-polymer crush resistant hoses, please contact Amflex today.

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Custom Hose Manufacturing Project Highlights

Product DescriptionThese co-polymer crush resistant hoses are used within industrial commercial temperature and chemical resistant liner.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesExtruding
Liner Application
Spirally Wound
  • Assemble Ends to Hose
Equipment Used to Manufacture HosesExtruder
Spiral Wound Machine
Overall Hose DimensionsO.D.: Ø2.480"
I.D.: Ø2.000"
Max. Length: 100'
Tightest Tolerances±.005"
Material UsedHose: Co-Polymer Blend
Liner: Proprietary Polyolefin
FinishRoyal Blue
Custom (Please call for information)
In process testing/inspection performedIn-Line Sizing Tool
Industry for UseCommercial Vacuum
Turnaround Time4 to 7 Working Days
Delivery LocationNationwide
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Specifications
Product NamePro-Flex Truck Mount Commercial Vacuum Hose