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Specialty Hoses

Manufacturing of Premier Hoses

Amflex Plastics, Inc. has demonstrated exceptional expertise in manufacturing hoses that withstand harsh industrial environments found in many robotic applications. Requiring a rapid 24-48 hour turnaround, this Premier-brand hose was manufactured per customer specifications from a gray co-polymer blend. This hose, ranging rom 5-100 feet long was extruded with an inner diameter of 1.50″ and outer diameter of 1.910″. Spirally wound, and with in-line inspection tooling, help ensure that this hose meets the required tight ±.010″ tolerances.

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Manufacturing of Premier Hoses Project Highlights

Product DescriptionThese Premier-brand hoses are used within a robotic applications.
Capabilities Applied/ProcessesExtruding
Spirally Wound
  • Assemble Ends to Hose (If Needed)
Equipment Used to Manufacture HosesExtruder
Spiral Wound Machine
Overall Hose DimensionsO.D.: Ø1.910"
I.D.: Ø1.500"
Max. Length: 100'
Material UsedCo-Polymer Blend
Finish (Color)Gray
In process testing/inspection performedIn-Line Sizing Tool
Industry for UseRobotics
Turnaround Time24-48 Hours
Delivery LocationNationwide
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Specifications
Product NamePremier-brand Hoses