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VacXtension & Hose Kits

Amflex VacXtension is a universal lightweight and extendable vacuum attachment. The purpose of this device is to vacuum out-of-reach areas in homes and businesses.

VacXtension New Product

The VacXtension is a convenient tool that solves the safety issue of cleaning using a ladder for hard-to-reach places or having to move heavy appliances or furniture when vacuuming.

This hose is made from a combination of durable lightweight materials designed to last. It features an all-plastic special engineered “expandable hose” with universal attachments that allow it to work with any household vacuum or shop-vac.

The VacXtension is not your standard household tool, but it’s also a multifunction tool. It comes equipped with a detachable telescopic pole that is useful for many other purposes. The hose collapses to one-third of its extended length, which is a great space-saving feature, and it can also be used on its own for water drain, pool vacuuming, and much more.

VacXtension requires minimum effort to use and accomplishes “out-of-reach” cleaning satisfaction.

Amflex VacXtension Video